Berezka means "birch tree" in Russian.
Birch is associated with typical Russian nature and purity.

We promise that all the products of our brand Berezka Lab are produced only out of 100% natural ingredients.

Our products do not contain parabens, propylene and polyethylene glycols, petrochemicals, phenoxyethanol, filling agents and other synthetic components.
In addition, our company does not test products on animals. We promise that.

Our products are the purest fresh food for your skin which will be grateful if you feed it with the skinfood from Berezka Lab!

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Through science to nature
Skincare with Berezka Lab means luxury and pleasure, it is a return to nature, to its magnificence and power, these are ancient recipes of beauty in the modern interpretation. This is complete and comprehensive care to maintain the beauty and health of the skin as the largest human organ.

The effectiveness of natural recipes due to the fact that human is part of the world. For the human, there are sun, sky, air, forests, oceans, plants.

The creators of Berezka Lab decided to restore the broken connection between man and nature and to offer completely natural care products. Taking the best, proven for centuries ingredients of the highest quality, Berezka Lab offers a new reading of formulas, the effectiveness of which surprises and delights.
organic skincare
Why does Berezka Lab cosmetics work?

The main reason is that we use only the best and freshest oils. And also for several reasons ...
Organic ingredients
Our formulas contain only natural ingredients derived from the highest quality herbal ingredients, which is confirmed by special certificates USDA or EcoCert / Cosmos.
Nothing extra
Without toxic emulsifiers, perfume fragrances, sulfates, parabens, and other potentially harmful additives. Our compounds act gently and delicately, unlike acids, surfactants, synthetic antioxidants, which disrupt the hydro-lipid balance. That skin received pure natural ingredients in the purest form.
Biocompatibility with skin
The synthesized ingredients act symptomatically and create only the illusion of the desired effect, and in the worst case, impair the barrier function, disrupt the pH balance, injure, increase sensitivity. The task of Berezka Lab is to use only biocompatible with skin ingredients that are recognized by the body and can be beneficial without suppressing the health of the skin, but healing and restoring so that the skin can fully perform its natural function.
Aromatherapy effect
Organic essential oils penetrate deep into the skin and have an aromatherapy effect. Each tool has its own individual flavor, which has an independent therapeutic function.
More than care
The free of water in the compositions make the Berezka Lab products as concentrated as possible, to the limit with saturated active ingredients. Active herbal ingredients improve the condition of both young and mature skin.
Easy to combine
Soft and balanced formulas suitable for ANY skin type, including sensitive, perfectly "embedded" in the usual care, complementing your favorite foods and preserving vitamins and nutrients.
Nature creates, nature cures, nature protects and cares.
Everything created by nature is created for the benefit of people. Trees, fruits, roots, herbs, minerals and water can be found on our planet in abundance and are given to people with love and joy. Our brand Berezka Lab always looks for new ways to create the best skin care out of natural components.
Ingredients - we carefully select the ingredients from all over the world. Everything fresh, useful and therapeutical is collected in the wild or on special organic farms certified by different organizations – USDA, Ecocert, Soil Association, BDIH, ICEA, Cosmos.
All the ingredients – oil, clay, extracts, powder – are top quality and contain the force of the ground, the healing and rejuvenating properties of nature.
How the cost of organic cosmetics is formed
"... I'll tell you on the example of our brand. Usually, any cosmetics consists of 60-70% of water, everything else is inactive fillers and active ingredients. In our cosmetics, there are no "empty" fillers such as thickeners, peas, water, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, etc. We produce 100% concentrate of vegetable and essential oils of the highest quality. We do not dilute anything with water. All this is stored in the most expensive container for biophotonic cosmetics. We initially have a very high cost of each product It all adds up to a certain price ... "
From an interview with
Dana Sagidullina
Founder and CEO, Berezka Lab
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